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CEDR – Conference of European Directors of Roads

AM4INFRA is supported by the CEDR, in particular Task Group N2 on Asset Management. The AM4INFRA consortium has been assigned the lead to develop concrete tools and procedures that the Task Group can elaborate on in view of their NIA constituencies. The Task Group will serve as a soundboard on the content of the results.

AM4INFRA is supported by CEDR in view of the strategic importance for its members. Optimisation on cost-performance in view of the many challenges of which limited funding is one. The CEDR Executive Board will serve as the soundboard for replication issues.

AM4INFRA will render results that feed into the workings of the structured CEDR approach for implementation of innovations under development of Task Group I2: Implementation. This will reinforce the wide support for the tools etc. also: further demonstration on various segments of the TEN-T network.




Within AM4INFRA project an ‘Advisory Board’ will be established. The purpose of the Advisory Board is to advise the consortium on high level political and strategic issues. The Advisory Board will be invited to specific meetings/workshops to provide feedback on intermediate results, project direction and to provide input about relevant international political and strategic developments. One of the Advisory Board members is Prorail, reponsible for the railroad network in the Netherlands


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