ANAS is the Italian National Road and Highway Authority. It is a joint-stock company with the Italian Ministry of Economy and Finance as its sole shareholder. It is also subject to the auditing and technical-operative supervision of the Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport as well as to audits by the Court of Accounts.
Thanks to the substantial experience accrued since 1928 Anas has expanded its range of services, providing support for public entities and spurring roadway design, construction and maintenance — both in Italy and abroad.
ANAS assures people’s mobility by directly managing about 25.631 km of state roads of which 940 km are motorways of national relevance. The company has an articulated structure and widespread presence throughout the national territory and its staff consists of about 6.000 employees. The company’s territorial management is structured in 8 Territorial Coordination Units which manage Anas’ core processes through 23 Regional Offices mainly in charge of the ordinary and extraordinary maintenance of the local road networks. Anas was granted BVQI certification stating its activities meet the UNI ISO9001/2008 quality standards.
ANAS has a key role in maintaining and improving the operational efficiency, safety and sustainability of its road network, and to this purpose it pays the utmost attention to monitoring road construction and maintenance costs, implementing smart and advanced technologies for infrastructures and reducing and mitigating the environmental impacts of its activities.
ANAS is also committed to research and development.  The company continues to promote various testing  initiatives at a European level and participates in technical and scientific projects financed by the EU and in several international panels (e.g. WRA, CEDR). Through its subsidiary company A.I.E. – Anas International Enterprise, it also manages international activities such as integrated services and  technical assistance for foreign Government Agencies.

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